Sunday, November 18, 2012

Road Trip

Animals going on a road trip.  Tried to keep it simple with the lines, shape, and colour on this one. 

*Update* I had the Giraffe facing to the right but a friend suggested that he should be facing forward to make it have a better flow. Once he pointed that out it made a lot of sense and I just had to change it cause it was bothering me.  So here's the final one with the giraffe facing forward. Thanks Wei!


  1. Kengo! This is awesome! I loooove the lion, the wolf and the gorilla! The lines are really well place. My only suggestion would be to turn the head of the giraffe around so that he goes with the flow.

    1. Thanks Wei. Once u pointed out the direction of the head of the giraffe I had to change it cause it made so much more sense.

  2. I REALLY like this! So clean and fun :) Really enjoying your work Kengo. You have come so far from summer 08!


    Agreed, you have indeed come a long way :) Such an adorable drawing...would love to see a short of where these animals are headed lol